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Music Theory, Ear Training :

All ages and all levels.

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Piano Lessons, Music Theory & Ear Training, piano Accompaniment

Mount Washington Area in Baltimore, MD

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Instructor: Yoshie Kubota, M.M.

(Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from Mannes College of Music in New York 1990) 

NLP Practitioner

Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Facilitator


Yoshie Kubota has been teaching private piano lessons since 1984.

Her students have won competitions and awards.


She has served as a judge for piano grading events as well.


Yoshie also has experience for group piano lessons for young children at Pace Kinder music and Eurythmics class when she was in New York. 

More than 35 years of teaching experience.

Very warm and comfortable lesson atmosphere.

Lots of performance opportunities.

Preparation for competitions and exams for serious students as well.

Languages : English and Japanese
Lesson Course and Fees

Regular Weekly Private Lessons from age 4~up

Beginners (minimum 30 minutes)

30 minutes private lesson                 $40/30 min.

45 minutes private lesson                 $50/45 min.


Regular Weekly Private Lessons

Intermediate (minimum 45 minutes)

45 minutes private lesson                 $50/45 min.

60 minutes private lesson                 $60/60 min.


Regular Weekly Private Lessons

Advanced (minimum 60 minutes)

60 minutes private lesson                 $60/60 min.

90 minutes private lesson                 $90/90 min.


Pre-Piano Rhythmic : Expressive Arts for Kids

This class is designed for 2~3 years old students.

Sing, Move, Draw, Rhythmic, Ear Training, Introduction to the music and arts.

Group class is available for more than 2 students applied together.

45 min for a group class

30 min for a private lesson




Online Private Lessons Available

From beginner to advanced students 

(age 4-Adult) Using FaceTime or Zoom.

30 minutes online lesson

45 minutes online lesson

60 minutes online lesson

$40/30 min.

$50/45 min.

$60/60 min.


Theory & Ear training Intensive Enrichment Course

Group Course is available for more than 2 same level students who are taking regular private lessons already.

30 minutes online lesson

45 minutes online lesson

60 minutes online lesson





Have a free trial lesson! 

Meet and greet, make a lesson plan for each student.

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Studio Philosophy

Kubota Music Studio strives to provide its students, of all ages and levels, a curriculum designed to fit each individual.


Neither technical nor musical aspects of piano playing will be neglected during a students's experience, and opportunities will be abundant.


Additionally, students will receive ear training from an early stage in order to ensure expertise in the realm of Music Theory.


Collaboration amongst beginner students and their family members or teacher is encouraged for those who would prefer to ease into the performance world before delving into solo works.

  • Lesson curriculums are designed for each individual students.

  • Students will learn and develop step by step for finger techniques, reading skills(understanding rhythms, notes, articulations, dynamics and phrasings), and fundamentals of music theory as well as bring out their musical expression, and how to use their body(how to relax your body when playing the piano), how to produce a nice and beautiful sound throughout from the beginner level to advanced level using well balanced method books and technique book + various musical repertoires using piano literature books for many different styles and different composers' works.

The Studio House
  • Kub​ota Music Studio is located in the Mount Washington/Pikesville Area of Baltimore, MD.

  • Studio house is surrounded by nature, and there is a public park and ennis court situated across the street, where students may socialize or play before or after their lessons.

  • For students with younger siblings or children, the studio house comes with some toys, English or Japanese books, and a crafts corner to keep them entertained during the lessons while they are waiting.

  • The studio house also has comfortable couches, where friends or family members who tag along may lounge.

  • Free Wi-Fi is available.

  • Kubota Music Studio is equipped with a Steinway & Sons Grand Piano. (Students can play the world class instrument from the very first lesson!)

  • Students are given many performing chances in different settings(both formal and friendly settings) and will build up their performing experience and strength.

  • I understand each student is unique and has different learning pace. My goal is to help them get their life lasting joy of playing the piano, for both physically and mentally.

Serious students can participate
  • Very beginner level students play with me or their parents or siblings to enjoy playing without too much pressure but can feel rich sound from the beginning level.

Other Events Students can participate

BMTA(Baltimore Music Teachers’ Association) Student Recitals and Piano Competitions



MTNA(Music Teachers National Association) Competitions and Exams, Scholarship Audition, festivals

MSMTA(Maryland State Music teachers Association) Competitions, Scholarship Auditions, Festivals}

MTABG(Music Teachers Association of Greater Baltimore) Student Recitals, Competitions, Events

Performance Opportunities

Active Member of MTNA(Music Teachers National Association) 

Active Member of MSMTA(Maryland State Music Teachers Association) 

Active Member of  MTAGB(Music Teachers Association of Great Baltimore).




Students can participates recitals, fun performing events, grade tests, competitions 

held by these organizations through out year when students are ready and willing to participate.




Active Member of BMTA(Baltiomre Music Teachers Association,Inc.) 


Executive Board Member since 2008 and 1st vice president of BMTA since 2010 to present.



Student who are ready to perform can participate BMTA Student Recitals 


in October, February, March, April, Honor Recital in June and Piano Competitions in May

(3 of my students won the 1st and 2nd prizes in the past in this Competition)

 held at Morgan University's Carl Murphy Fine Arts Center. 




Active Member of American College of Musicians USA(National Guild of Piano Teachers).

The Royal Conservatory National Music Teacher.


Grading exams programs such as

The Royal Conservatory 


American College of Musicians USA(National Guild of Piano Teachers) 


if students are willing to take exams.



Also, Kubota Music Studio student recital in Winter and Spring.

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2907 Rockwood Ave

Baltimore, MD 21215


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