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Kubota Music Studio
Looking for a Piano Teacher in Baltimore?

Piano Lessons, Ear Training, Music Theory, Piano Accompaniment.

Studio is Located in Mount Washington Area, Baltimore.

Both In-Person and Online Piano Lessons available.
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Kubota Music Studio has been listed as 

Thank you CBS Baltimore! 

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I have been teaching online lessons since March 2020 after the Covid-19 pandemic "Stay Home" order began. Some of my students were hesitant about online lessons before we started online lessons, but once they experienced an online lesson, they changed their mind and kept taking online lessons with joy! 

They learned lots of repertoire during the quarantine period. 100% of my students adopted very well to the online lessons. The most important thing was keep going. It seems the music helped them a lot both mentally and physically during the quarantine time. Their parents also found out it is fun to learn and play with their kids for a bonus! Kubota Music Studio offers online virtual recitals as well until we can have one in-person safely.

Piano Lessons, Music Theory & Ear Training, 

Piano Accompaniment

Mount Washington Area in Baltimore, MD 

Online Lessons are available.

Online Lessons are available from your Home.

by FaceTime, Skype and Zoom

Yes, we can still work together❣️

We cannot give up everything during Pandemic!

Online lessons are possible! 👍

Peace of Mind and we can still keep our routine❣️

Kubota Music Studio is available for online lessons during COVID-19 crisis!😉✨🍀❤️ Music helps you keep calm and mindfulness!!

Kubota Music Studio 

Online Virtual Piano Recital 2020

during Covid-19 Pandemic Quarantine time

Virtual Recital : June 14th, 2020 during quarantine.

All my students have continued online lessons by FaceTime and Zoom since Covid-19 Pandemic quarantine order started in March. 

They progressed a lot during quarantine time and I am proud of them for continuous practice during uncertain time and the music made them smile! And their growing made me so happy!!

Thanks to their parents for supporting them to continue piano lessons online!!

Play List on YouTube

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About Teacher
​Course and Fee​s
Event Calendar
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Private Piano Lessons: ages (4 ~ Adult)

from beginners to advanced.

Instructor: Yoshie Kubota, M.M.

Master of Music degree in Piano Performance


NLP Practitioner

Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Facilitator


Royal Conservatory National Piano Teacher

Active Member of The National Guild of Piano Teachers

Active Member of

Music Teachers National Association

Maryland State Music Teachers Association

Music Teachers Association of Greater Baltimore (Board member)

Baltimore Music Teachers Association (1st Vice President)

International Expressive Arts Therapy Association 

Kubota Music Studio Video
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Languages Spoken : English and Japanese

More than 35 years of teaching experience. 

Students can learn lifelong skills to play the piano in the very warm and supportive learning atmosphere.

Lesson curriculums are designed for each individual students. 

Students will absorb and acquire life lasting joy of playing the piano, for both physically and mentally. 

Students can play a world class Steinway Grand Piano at the very first lesson!

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Studio Philosophy
  • Kubota Music Studio strives to provide its students, of all ages and levels, a curriculum designed to fit each individual.

  • Neither technical nor musical aspects of piano playing will be neglected during a student's experience, and opportunities will be abundant.

  • Additionally, students will receive ear training from an early stage in order to ensure experience in the realm of Music Theory.

  • Collaboration amongst beginner students and their family members or teacher is encouraged for those who would prefer to ease into the performance world before delving into solo works.

Performance and Achievement
  • Lots of performance opportunities in different settings(both formal and friendly settings) and will build up students' performing experience and strength.

  • Serious students can participate Royal Conservatory grade testing (Several students from Kubota Music Studio received the highest scores in the test center in 2018 and one of her student won a Gold Medal in Northeast region of the year 2020!) and National Piano Guild grade testing and Piano Competitions (Ms.Kubota's students have won 1st prize in the competitions in the past) if they are willing to participate.

Learning Styles
  • Students will learn and develop step by step for finger techniques, reading skills(understanding rhythms, notes, articulations, dynamics and phrasings), and fundamentals of music theory as well as bring out their musical expression, and how to use their body(how to relax your body when playing the piano), how to produce a nice and beautiful sound throughout from the beginner level to advanced level using well balanced method books and technique book + various musical repertoires using piano literature books for many different styles and different composers' works.

Virtual Piano Recital
Kubota Music Studio is offering online lessons. 100% of our students adopted well to online lessons and learned lots of repertoire during Covid-19 pandemic quarantine. We had great virtual recital as well.
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Kubota Music Studio Wiinter Virtual Recital 2021

Congratulations to all students!

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Piano is awesome because you get to do many cool stuff. I love my teacher. She is the best!! 🙂 I wish that I can do piano for my whole life!! I want to be good at piano when I grow up!!

Aiko. N.

At first I thought piano wouldn’t be that fun or interesting, but now I think it is fun, and I want to get better!

Takaya N.

When I performed at my School Talent Show, I got big Bravo! and I felt really happy and proud of myself! And I became more confident after I challenged and passed Royal Conservatory exams!

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Tachi. I. 
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I like learning with Ms. Kubota. She is very patient. When I make a mistake, she gently says what to fix and motivates me to keep trying. Ms. Kubota makes me feel like I can do it. I really like studying with her!

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Seiji D.

Ms. Kubota is really nice. She gives comments in a nice way. She is positive. I love her lessons and I like getting prizes at the end. She is really good at playing the piano.

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Yumi D.

While I was watching my daughter's  lesson with Ms. Kubota, I got to be fascinated by her warm and pleasant lesson style and I also got inspired to take piano lessons for myself for the first time in 16 years again!

Eri. N.

We got very good friends who love piano at Kubota Music Studio and they inspire each other. This environment makes my kids stay motivated and accomplished! I really thank Ms. Kubota!

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Maiko D. (Seiji & Yumi's Mother)

He got more accomplishment achievement than I expected within a year. Even he wasn’t very advanced level yet, Ms.Kubota gave him a chance to go on stage. As a result, my son’s attitude to the piano changed and motivated more to play better and harder pieces now.

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Tamaki H. (Hiroto's Mother)

Piano Keeps me Calm When I’m Sad or Angry! When You level up or gain new skills, you feel really good!

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Maria C.

Yoshie Kubota's Performances

My Soul Child

by Yoshie Kubota

Composed and Performed by Yoshie Kubota

Completed on November 5th, 2020

Recorded in Baltimore, MD USA

ASCAP Work Number : 909639379

Lunar feelings (Solitude ~missing you~ /Gratitude)

by Yoshie Kubota

Lunar feelings

No.1 Solitude ~missing you~

No.2 Gratitude

(Music and piano by Yoshie Kubota) 

Chopin: Fantaisie-Impromptu, Op.66

Performed by Yoshie Kubota

Recorded on April 28th, 2017 at Woodbrook Baptist Church 

in Baltimore, MD, U.S.A.


Eine Kleine Nachtmusic

Piano 4 hands by Yoshie Kubota x 2

Mozart 's Famous piece "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" 

for Piano Four Hands version.

Performed by Yoshie Kubota x 2

Mozart : Rondo in D major, K.485

Performed by Yoshie Kubota

Recorded on August 7, 2020 in Baltimore, MD, USA.


Eternal Wind 時を翔ける風

(Piano & Wind Trio version)

Composer & Arrangement & Piano : Yoshie Kubota

Flute : Kaori Misono

Clarinet: Suwako Fujigaki

This version is arranged by Yoshie Kubota for Yoshie's Lunch Time Live in Kyoto and Performed with her friends from Baltimore Canon on April 14th, 2019. And this time, Yoshie and Kaori and Suwako performed together again online tele-collaboration during pandemic quarantine. 

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2907 Rockwood Ave,

Baltimore, MD 21215



Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 8:00pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: 9:00am-6:00pm


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